В Сиэтле появились часы с обратным отсчётом до конца президентства Трампа

09:23 Июль 5, 2018

Конструкцию на жилом доме в одном из районов города установили неизвестные.

Владелица здания сообщила, что часы установили прежние хозяева, но она сама согласилась их оставить и продолжить обратный отсчёт. «Для меня, чем меньше дней остаётся, тем больше надежды появляется», — сказала женщина.

Сегодня до конца срока полномочий Дональда Трампа в качестве президента остаётся 930 дней. 


On this 242nd Fourth of July, it is clear America is trapped between who we are and who we want to be. In 1776 our founders declared human equality was a self-evident truth and a fundamental premise of the new nation, but it took the ratification of the 14th amendment, 150 years ago, to explicitly extend the Constitution’s core protections to all human beings living under the nation’s laws. As we consider the path ahead it is perhaps time to think of another American renewal as we further define and commit to the ideal of freedom. Mr. Trump and his followers want to find America’s future in its past, pretending they can stand on a beach and convince the tide to stop rising. Others of us are convinced the rising tide is inexorable and America’s future can be found in forward progress, as we continue to expand our commitment to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all. While this seems like a dark time, and it may grow darker as the Supreme Court shifts to the right, we must commit to closing the gap between the America that exists and the one we imagine. Do not lose faith, may freedom ring! #resist #votethemout #throwthemout #mueller #muellertime #impeachtrump #impeachment #notmypresident #worstpresidentever #dumptrump #nevertrump #stoptrump #indivisible #lovetrumpshate #trumpcounter #trump_counter

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