Кошка Карла Лагерфельда может оказаться главной наследницей кутюрье

09:51 Фев. 20, 2019

Фото Instagram

Знаменитый модельер умер накануне во Франции, ему было 85 лет.

Лагерфельд завёл кошку по кличке Шупетт восемь лет назад. За время совместной жизни с питомцем кутюрье написал книги о любимице, а сама кошка обзавелась аккаунтом в Instagram, где на неё подписаны сотни тысяч пользователей. Лагерфельд не раз говорил, что Шупетт — центр его мира. Именно поэтому журналисты предполагают, что наследство может достаться кошке.

Отмечается, что во Франции запрещено завещать животным имущество. Однако, по словам экспертов, есть лазейки, которые помогут обойти этот закон.

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TO MY DAHHHLINGS FOR MY BIRTHDAY At the wise age of 7, I would like to impart some wisdom on you humans: ————————————————————————- - I may be “7” but I don’t look a day over 5. - Since age is just a number, I think Daddy @karllagerfeld should finally start being honest about his. 😹 -My maids still pamper my every need just like they did when I was a kitten. -My first “Daddy” was @baptiste.giabiconi and my cold heart still melts for him like my own Daddy @karllagerfeld. - My hobbies include but are not limited to: sun bathing, pawing at the latest @chanelofficial collections, eating caviar, catnapping on Daddy’s sketches at completely inappropriate times, and stalking @evachen212, @stassischroeder from @pumprules, @therealgracecoddington, @laurabrown99, @lindaandwinks, @ttomasihill, @jxxsy, and @chrissyteigen on Instagram. Dear (fashion) god, please make me as cool as these humans one day. - The private jet I fly on is Daddy’s and not mine contrary to what you’ve read in Page 6. - I started my social media career before “influencers” were a thing. Please refrain from using this term with moi. - My annual salary and net worth are none of your business unless it’s @forbes calling to put me on their next cover. Move over @kyliejenner! - This account was not started by Daddy’s team and was instead created by @choupettesocialgirl in 2012. Please stop DMing moi for free @chanelofficial handbags. I can’t hook you up. - I am not the feline actress in the latest @swiffer commercial for all of you who keep asking. - My eyes are naturally blue and no I don’t wear color contacts. That’s animal cruelty. - Stop trying to slide into my Dm’s and ask if I’ll date your cat. This isn’t @tinder and that’s just weird. - Paparazzi are constantly hounding (unintentional dog pun..yuck!) me for photos. Case in point this candid. - My dream job besides becoming the next @lindaevangelista is to write a satyrical fashion commentary series for @vogue, @elleusa, or @harpersbazaarus. Holler at your girl! 😽 -I wouldn’t be here today if you all weren’t so obsessed with me. So... MERCI to all my dahhhlings and let’s keep this party going! 😻

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